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Staff is efficient and friendly. This office is in a funky old building with majestic marble stairs and wrought iron railings. Once you step in to Lifetime Dental Office, you enter into a state of the art equipment environment with all the bells and whistles and new stuff you've never seen before. After you have gone through a few different and potentially traumatic procedures like I have (implants and tooth extraction) with comfort and ease, you know you are in very capable hands. So if you are looking for a new dentist or are new to the area, this is the place to go.


Excellent technical care with great customer service. One of the few dental practices in the twin ports that regularly introduces new technology for dental procedures.

James Zastrow

Nice group of people working to make it a pleasant visit. Did wonders for me. Thank God for nice people & good service. I like going to the dentist.

Clarence Daydodge

My 3 year old needed a filling and I was so worried it wouldn't go well.....she didn't care one bit. She actually woke up the next day asking if she could go back. My kids love going to the dentist thanks to Dr. Johnson and his wonderful staff!

Lori Leask

Everyone makes you feel welcome. They are very pleasant to be around. Going to the dentist used to be very frightening, but not anymore.

Claire Flaherty

Thank You for a very thorough checkup and cleaning for the entire family. Thank you, especially, for such friendliness and kindness with the children. Also, I appreciate the continual information that you gave me throughout the checkups, and your willingness to listen to me, as well.

Kimberly Feldick

I really appreciated how you worked with me to plan out my treatment to make it more affordable for me. I was able to have more work done because of this. I do love my smile and am not self-conscious of it any longer.

Dawn Karlon

The best people and dentist office ever!!!!
The crew here at Lifetime Dental are absolutely wonderful people!! The office is very nice and extremely clean !!! The entire staff makes you feel very welcome and the atmosphere is very laid back! They are fun to talk to....I love going to the dentist, but for those of you who don't, there is nothing to worry about!! Everyone here at lifetime dental will take care of you, put your mind at ease, and will make you feel right at home!!!

Landon Liggett

I used to hate going to the dentist when I was little, mostly due to getting the dreaded novacaine shot....Not a problem at Dr. Johnson's!!! He uses the most updated equipment and I rarely even know he has injected the anesthetic... I have even been known to doze off as he is drilling!!!! The staff is wonderful also. I can't imagine going anywhere else!!!

Claudia Porter

I have been very pleased with the friendly staff and Dr. Johnson. I always feel like I am part of their "family", and they are looking out for me. I was there recently, and they took care of an additional procedure that was not scheduled, but came about, and fixed it while I was there, saving me another appointment. I really appreciated the fact that they were willing to do that at the end of the day. I cannot say enough about the staff, they are first class! Always helpful with insurance questions, making appointments, and making me feel at ease in the chair! Wonderful people who do wonderful work!

Laurie Garay

My first visit to your office left me very impressed and thankful that my wife recommended that we switch to your practice. I found top notch personnel at all levels and am very pleased with my entire visit. Top quality, modern facility and professional courteous staff.

Terry White

The best investment I ever made was the crown work I had done on my teeth. I am so glad I did it! I learned that it's never too late to have nice teeth.

Paul Chialastri

THANK YOU! I have never been so comfortable in my life at a dentist's office! Everyone was super friendly and really listened to my concerns. I have had a lot of dental work and this was the best experience I've ever had! If you have anxiety about going to the dentist-this is the place you want to go! My kids loved it too :) I would recommend them to everyone!

Kari Fleck

Great experience! Our last visit was for my son. He had to have some cavities filled and for a small child that can be very scary; but both Dr. Johnson and his assistant made my son feel very comfortable and relieved any of the fear that he had. He was not afraid at all and is not scared to go to the dentist! Great experience!! :)Thanks!

Jamie Nord

My husband and four children have been seeing Dr. Johnson for over twelve years and could not be happier with the high level of professional and personal care we have received from everyone: receptionists, hygenists, assistants, billing office, and of course Dr. Johnson himself!!! The entire staff has worked together for so long, they are like a family, and treat US like family. Thank you so much!!!

Jill Hintsala

I find the staff very knowledgable. Even though I don't "enjoy" going to the dentist, the friendly staff makes it a much more enjoyable experience. And with the new technology, it's almost painless!!

Kathy Krisak

My teeth have never been so clean! Sara does the best cleaning I have eveer had, and I'm old {sort of}. I've had LOTS of cleanings in different states with different folks. The whole team at Lifetime Dental are a pleasure. I'd drive 50 miles to go there, oops I DO drive 50 miles to get there.

Joyce Palucci

I have smiled more in the last 7 days than I have in the last 7 years. I couldn't be happier!

Kathy Senn

I feel pampered!

Kathy Izzard

I felt very comfortable! It was a great experience at the dentist, especially because the dentist usually scares me! But, I was not scared, and can't wait to go back again, especially after I've flossed for a few months!

Mariel Fallon

Dr. Johnson is, by far, the most gentle dentist I have ever had. This goes for the entire staff, there's a very good feeling here in this office.

Suzanne Mencel

The staff here is just so welcoming and friendly. Even though I had to go in for a filling, I never thought it could be so painless! Thanks for everything!

Adam Kauppila

You give great care, always!

Lenny Rouse

I'm amazed at how gently my procedures are performed by Dr. Johnson and his staff.

Jim Fisher

Your office is very professional. You and your staff have taken great care of my family.

Jim Watschke

That was the best dental experience ever!

Candy Wick

You have done an excellent job on my teeth. Thank you so much!

Beth Schultz

I was very pleased at how my son's first visit went. Your office did GREAT!

Kari Olson

Nobody likes going to the dentist, but I have to admit, with the friendly staff the Dr. Johnson has, it's ALMOST enjoyable! Everyone is so focused on the comfort and well being of the patient.

Don Krisak

I never liked going to the dentist, until I started coming here. Now, I don't mind it at all.

Mike Izzard

I have been so pleased with the work Dr. Johnson has done on my teeth. For years, I was never happy with the appearance of my smile. I had great confidence in Dr. Johnson and I'm so happy with the results!

Karen Lamb

Another fantastic visit! I appreciate the great care I experienced yesterday! (and the vacation well wishes!)

Stephanie Monson

The people at Lifetime Dental are very nice. Dr. Johnson has a very nice chairside manner and my tooth extraction was painless. Recovery has went well also. I'm very happy I chose Lifetime Dental.

Sharie Craven

Everyone is nice and helpful. Marion is nice to talk with in between each tooth making the experience nicer.
I just realized, I have been going to this dental office for 50 years, not of course with Dr. Brent. ):

Sharon Johnson

The service and professional atmosphere was fantastic at Lifetime Dental. Everyone was very helpful and they did great work. I would recommend them to anyone! Dr. Johnson does incredible work and he is extremely easy to talk to. Set up an appointment, you won't be dissatisfied.

Sam Bergstedt

Dr. Johnson and staff are awesome. I feel like family when I visit. Great job. You exceed my expectations.

Bruce Johnson

Relaxed! Fell asleep in the chair during a temp and a filling! How relaxed is that? Feel very comfortable with Dr. Johnson and all staff. (even woke myself up with a snore!) ;)

Mary Benesch

Excellent! In and out on time with no pain and clean teeth. Thank you!

Jeff Soderlund

Was brought in on time. Sara was great as usual and of course so was Dr. Johnson. Great experience as always.

Rita Jo Anderson

Very professional, outstanding, caring office! Excellent service at Lifetime Dental. Dr. Johnson's staff is so great, they are very knowledgable and professional, always giving a great experience at the dental office.


I sat for a couple minutes and then they called me in, right on time. They were so nice. This was my first dentist visit and I was really scared. The doctor talked to me and explained what he was going to do, even though I am only 9. The visit was really a nice surprise.

Rory Horne

Hygienist Sara did an excellent job. Friendly, professional and thorough. I left feeling positive about the experience.

E.L. Hinaus

As usual, the experience was as pleasant as ever, even with seven crowns...and one grueling 3 hour session! I really felt bad for Dr. Johnson and his assistants that day...but, it was pain free and even snuck my usual nap in...It is really comforting to know that everyone goes way beyond the usual to make it that way.

Claudia Porter

I had no idea what to expect on my first visit to Lifetime Dental. I was thoroughly impressed and plan to continue being a customer with this company until I leave the Duluth area. Keep up the awesome work.

Antony Forster

I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the thorough care that I get. If only people would realize how important it is to your overall health and well being! Dr. Johnson and staff are truly committed to your oral care. Their work is oustanding!

Robert Riedasch

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