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No insurance?? No problem!

                                   SMILE benefits

                                   No insurance? No problem.



Smile Benefits, Lifetime Dental’s exclusive dental savings program, offers you significant savings on personalized, full-service care for your whole family without the hassles of traditional insurance.


Savings of 15% off cleanings and dental services

·        Routine cleanings and exams

·        Tooth colored fillings and build-ups

·        Crowns, bridges and partials

·        Whitening

·        Root canal therapy

·        Oral Surgery


Low annual fee—just $99 for an individual or $189 for a family


How does Smile Benefits compare to dental insurance coverage?

Dental Insurance                                           Smile Benefits

Costly monthly premiums and co-pays                     One low annual fee

Variable levels of coverage                                         15% savings on all services

Maximum coverage/year                                            No yearly maximum on services

Complicated forms to complete and delayed           No nuisance claims to submit

Payment.                                                                      No waiting period

Cumbersome application process                              Enrollment is quick and easy.


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